25.01       Preview/ Opening night       7 pm-10 pm

* afterpary at SWG3 Scotch Bonnet presents…. Solo Banton & Murray Man


26.01          Saturday              11  am- 6 pm 

Sarah Boothroyd

Alex Tobin

Max Weisskopf

27.01          Sunday                11  am- 6 pm 

Gordon Douglas

Byron Huang Dean

Mark Lyken

Laura James & Samuel Rodgers

28.01          Monday               11  am- 6 pm 

Boom Merchant

Sam Kidel

Adam J Scarborough

Hugh Pottinger

29.01        Tuesday               11  am- 6 pm 

Olga Kaliszer

Paul Zaba

Ailsa Margot MacKenzie

Kristian Kamp

30.01          Wednesday       11  am- 6 pm 

Max Milne & Adam Hunt

Konus Kalamanda

Chiara Kickdrum

Mark Othmer

31.01         Thursday            11  am- 6 pm 

Frances Davis

Ariane Jackson

Darius Kowal

                                                                                        Mark Bleakley

01.02         Friday           11  am- 6 pm 

Agnes Miroslava Amelia Gryczkowska & Alexander Heskith Lewis Johnston

Claire Adams Ferguson

Emad Parandian

Krysia Kordecki

02.02         Saturday            11  am- 9 pm 

Smorgasbord day (closing event)

Hot food and beverages offered to round off the festival


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